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Pilates Instructors

Debra Wiszniak is a STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor, Personal Trainer and SPRA Certified Fitness Leader with more than 17 years in the fitness industry. Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle is shown through her choice of a career in the health care industry combined with her love of teaching Pilates in which she helps others to achieve their fitness goals. Debra's commitment, extensive knowledge and experience combine to make classes informative, challenging, fun and appropriate for all ages and physical abilities.

Kelly Ozem (Retiered) is a STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor in Essential and Intermediate Matwork. Kelly was born and raised in Regina and was introduced to Pilates 12 years ago. His passion for the discipline led him to pursue receiving his certification in 2008. Kelly receives regular exposure to different Stott Instructor Trainers, residing in California for part of each year. His varied learning experience provides him with enhanced teaching techniques which he shares with all his participants. Kelly does not just practice Pilates, he lives the discipline.

Krista Solheim is a STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor, professional dance artist and movement teacher. She holds a BFA in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University and has taught a variety of movement classes across Canada for over 20 years. Krista hs dedicated her life to the research of movement in the body through dance and the somatic practices of Pilates, Yoga, Mitzvah and Continuum. Krista brings her wide range of somatic experience, physical awareness and the excitement of movement to the classes she leads.

Yoga Instructors

Wendy Edward's introduction to yoga began with the Ashtanga style of yoga in 2005, to improve her flexibility. Through regular practice, Wendy discovered more than just the physical benefits from practicing yoga, she found it also helped her to be more focused, relieved stress and improved her general feeling of well-being. Wendy expanded her practice to include Sattva Yoga and completed her Sattva Yoga teacher training in March 2012 under the leadership and guidance of Rameen Peyrow, founder of Sattva Yoga and owner of the Sattva School of Yoga in Edmonton. Wendy has been leading yoga classes since May 2012, teaching Sattva Yoga and other styles of yoga at various studios and centres in Regina. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of yoga, helping others find their true potential as well as achieve their fitness goals, improve their well-being and quality of life.


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