Pediatric Massage

$35 - 30 min (incl gst)
  Pediatric Massage can be effective for all children whose parents are interested in a well baby lifestyle with the aim of enhancing the healthy development of the child. In addition, research has shown that Pediatric Massage has many benefits for children with minor ailments such as premature birth, anxiety, colic, poor sleeping habits, torticollus (stiff neck), scoliosis, acid reflex and TMJ, among others. Studies indicate that Pediatric Massage can improve weight gain, neurological development and alertness. Our treatment approach is to follow the lead of the intelligence of the child's system and by using a combination of gentle modalities tailored to the individual and their condition, achieve improved functioning and a more balanced state. Appropriate for babies and toddlers.
Pediatric Massage Therapists: JoAnne Hartney RMT


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