Spinal Touch

$50 - 45 min, includes 30 min treatment & 15 min rest (incl gst) 
 Spinal Touch is an effective treatment for the correction of chronic and acute pain. It is a soft tissue, light touch system for the detection and correction of postural and visceral distortions that is able to bring the body back into balance. The treatment analyzes standing posture, noting the amount and direction the body has drifted from a neutral position. The therapist lightly touches key areas of the body to relax specific soft tissues and redirect the spine to its' more natural position. Spinal Touch is effective in treating many conditions including back, hip, shoulder, knee and ankle pain, headaches, arthritis, balance problems, scoliosis, repetitive strain and bursitits.
Treatment length 45 minutes, including 30 minute treatment, followed by 15 minutes constructive rest (no charge).
Spinal Touch Therapist: Claudette Halverson RMT


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