Thai Massage

$78 - 60 min $93 - 75 min $110 - 90 min (incl gst)  Thai Massage is an ancient holistic therapy that uses flowing motions to open, energize and balance the body. The receiver of the massage remains completely clothed and receives the treatment lying on a cushioned mat on the floor or on a low table. Tension is released by the therapist using their carefully controlled body weight, without lotion, to apply pressure into the tissue. The treatment uses gentle rhythmical rocking movement and incorporates a combination of compression, acupressure, mobilizations and muscle stretching. In this way energy flow along the sen meridian lines is stimulated, revitalizing tissues, joints and organs. Through Thai Massage, soft tissues become elongated, joint range of motion is improved, thus tight areas are opened up, leaving the participant with increased vitality while deeply relaxing the body and mind. Please wear loose or stretchy clothing. 


Traditional Thai Massage requires 75 or 90 minutes but can be modified to 60 minutes by editing out some of the acupressure component.
Thai Massage Therapist: At this point, we do not have a therapist practicing Thai massage but hoping soon to have someone certified in this treatment.


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