Online Booking FAQ's

Booking with our online system should work easily. If you are having difficulties please phone or send us an email.
It is our intention to make booking with us easier for you and we appreciate your feedback.
Once you click on the Book Now link on our website and arrive at the booking page, click Book 24/7 in the middle of the page.

  • Email Not Accepted

    If you enter your email address and the system says it's already in use, it's because we have entered it when we set up your profile at the clinic. To avoid this, click on the link in the email you receive from us to connect with the profile we've set up for you.

  • New Users

    Our system will ask that you create a new user login using your email, then you will be asked to choose a minimum 6 character Password and possibly a Security Question.
    You have the option of creating a Username to use instead of your email for easier logins. Once you have created a login, you may go to Appointments to see your upcoming and past appointments.
    Go to Profile to change your Password, Username or contact information. If you forget your Username, login with your email. Download the Vagaro App for easier booking with your smartphone (please see note below). If you forget your password, click "forgot password".

  • Notifications

    You will have the option of receiving a notification when you book, as well as a reminder 24 hours in advance of your treatment. You may choose email, text, both or neither. Check the Push Notification box if you would like your reminders to pop up on the main screen of your phone or iPad.

  • Cancelling and Rescheduling

    You may reschedule or cancel your appointments online - we prefer 24 hours notice. You may cancel online up to 4 hours prior to your appointment. We understand that occasional emergencies come up, so after the 4 hour window has passed and you know you are not able to come, please do phone us so we have the option of rebooking your appointment with another client and we are not left waiting for you. If you fail to show up for a scheduled appointment you will be charged in full. To cancel an appointment, login then click on your name in the left margin, then go to Appointments.

  • Waiting List

    Please phone us if you would like to be on a waiting list for an appointment that is not available.

  • Mobile App

    For easy booking with us using your cellphone or Ipad, download the free Vagaro App. Go to the Apple store, GooglePlay, or click on the link at the bottom of our booking page and select the Vagaro version (not Vagaro Pro). To find us within the app, click on Canada then select "Our Salons" and enter Advance Therapeutic Massage. Once our clinic comes up, click on the Bookmarks icon to save this page for next time.

  • Receipts

    If our booking system sends you a receipt by email, please disregard it for health insurance purposes as it will not have our Registered Massage Therapist number on it that is required for making an insurance claim.