Cupping Massage

Cupping Massage brings together the ancient art of cupping to the modern day massage therapy practice by utilizing plastic cups to create suction, pulling muscle and fascial tissues away from the body to release tension. 
Considered one of the best deep tissue therapies available, cupping is effective in loosening fascial restrictions, scars, adhesions and stubborn knots. This treatment is indicated for many common complaints such as pain, stiffness, chronic inflammation and respiratory conditions. 
Note that skin discolouration may occur as a result of cupping due to bringing stagnant blood to the surface to replace it with fresh oxygenated blood to nourish underlying areas. These marks are not bruises and will generally fade within 3 - 7 days. 
This treatment may be combined with massage depending on your body's size, condition and tolerance. Cupping may be incorporated into a therapeutic massage of any length or it can also be booked as a stand alone treatment. 
Please specify your preference to your massage therapist.

    Qualified Therapists: Lauren Matsalla RMT, Megan McKenzie RMT, Lindsi Eilers RMT, Amber Neumier RMT











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