PreNatal Massage

As each trimester brings many new changes to the pregnant body, massage therapy can be an effective part of prenatal health, helping women make a smooth transition through this fluctuating period of their lives. 
Prenatal Massage increases circulation and the flow of lymphatic fluid which can reduce swelling in the limbs and lower blood pressure. As the abdomen grows, many women experience hip, back and neck pain as the pelvis tilts forward and soft tissues elongate to balance and support the growing baby. 
Pregnancy Massage is soothing and effective in bringing relief from pain and many common conditions associated with pregnancy. Following childbirth, mind and body are rejuvenated as new moms enjoy some well deserved rest and relaxation. A blend of specialized pregnancy massage techniques can balance pelvic assymetries from pregnancy, labour and delivery. Prenatal Massage can be instrumental in reducing strain on muscles and connective tissue from lifting, holding and nursing a new baby.

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    Qualified Massage Therapists: All RMT'S

    Therapists with added certification: Lindsi Eilers, Jessica Cesar











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