Gift Cards

a perfect gift for any occasion



Gift Cards are a perfect gift for many people and a great way to introduce your friends and family to our clinic. Gift Certificates may be purchased in any denomination and may be used for any type of massage or product at Advance. Our Gift Cards never expire.

Suggested Gift Card Pricing:

Gift Cards - Image 2 
  • $50  -  30 minute massage                            
  • $65   -  45 minute massage
  • $78   -  60 minute massage
  • $93   -  75 minute massage
  • $110  - 90 minute massage
  • $200  - $200 worth of massage
    (prices incl gst)

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is great for both active and sedentary people who enjoy experiencing another type of therapy that will open, energize and balance their body and mind.

  • $78    -   60 minute Thai Massage
  • $93    -   75 minute Thai Massage
  • $110   -   90 minute Thai Massage

For a unique gift experience, delight someone with a Hot Stone Gift Certificate, the ultimate in soothing stress relief.


Hot Stone Therapy (HST) Pricing:

Gift Cards - Image 3 
  • $80   -  45 minute HST                                 
  • $93   -  60 minute HST
  • $108  - 75 minute HST
  • $125  - 90 minute HST
    (prices incl gst)


To Purchase a Gift Certificate

Gift Cards - Image 4 You may stop by the clinic to purchase a gift card during our business hours. You may also pay with PayPal, or a credit card over the phone and we can mail out the certicate or hold it at the clinic for the receiver to pick up prior to or at the time of their appointment. To pay directly from your credit card or bank account with PayPal, please choose the session you would like, then click on the Buy Now button to process your payment.

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